Italy’s New Anti-corruption Law

On January 31, 2019, Italy's new Law No. 3/2019 on “Measures to fight crimes against the public administration as well as on the matter of statute of limitations and transparency of political parties and movements" entered into force. This new law introduces important measures affecting Italian criminal law and significantly amends Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 with respect to corporate liability.

With respect to Italian criminal law, the new law will make the following changes, increasing the penalties applicable to certain crimes against the public administration:

  1. Increasing in the penalties for corruption pursuant ;

  2. Introducing a life-long prohibition on dealing with public administrations and a life-long disqualification from holding public office for individuals sentenced for a corruption-related crimes;

  3. Amending the rules on the statute of limitations;

  4. Extending the prohibition on dealing with public administrations to the crimes of embezzlement, corruption in judicial proceedings, and trafficking in illegal influence;

  5. Amending Sections 9 and 10 of the Criminal Code by removing the need for a Ministry of Justice request or the victim’s complaint in order to prosecute certain crimes against the public administration committed abroad by an Italian citizen or by a foreign citizen against the Italian state or an Italian citizen;

  6. Introducing reductions in penalties and a special exemption from liability in cases of voluntary self-disclosure and for individuals providing useful information to obtain evidence of a crime and to identify the offender.

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