The role of media and investigative journalism in combating corruption

The media and investigative journalism play a crucial role in bringing allegations of corruption to light and fighting against impunity. International consortiums of investigative journalists are an example of an international cooperation that leads to tangible results in bringing financial and economic crime to the attention of the public and law enforcement authorities. Media reporting is an essential—albeit untapped—source of detection in corruption cases. This is highlighted in Chapter 4 of the OECD study on The Detection of Foreign Bribery published in December 2017.

This report expands on Chapter 4 from the study by including further information collected through country reviews undertaken by the OECD Working Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions and through responses to the OECD Survey on Investigative Journalism.  It also explores good practices and challenges in the detection of international corruption cases via media reporting and investigative journalism.



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